Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Mynabirds: Body of Work

After looking through a long chain of blogs, I stumbled across another music blog (we may be far and few between, but we certainly are a passionate bunch!). Advance Copy's Kenyon Hopkin, who sounds to me to be some kind of radio disc jockey too, runs the place, and top of the page was Laura Burhenn (who toured alongside Bright Eyes)'s new* project - The Mynabirds. And what a great project it is too!

With echoes of Lykke Li in not only the song but the video too, I'm bopping around to it trying to hurriedly finish off the last few scraps of revision I've got to go. Exams are the worst but good music and lots of tea really does help!

*New-ish... starting in 2009, however the above single was released Nov 2012. Forgive me for being so slow on the uptake!


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