Sunday, 20 March 2011

arcade fire: the suburbs

So, secretly this might be the best eighteenth birthday present I received... the album is no less than phenomenal.

From the first cymbal crash to the last whispered lyric, it's a beautiful, solemn, fierce and almost haunting memoir of teenage-hood, of living on the suburbs themselves. The familiar, almost friendly title track starts the album off, a prologue of things to come; "sometimes I can't believe it, I'm moving past a feeling..." then crashing into Ready To Start, and slipping an orchestra behind the drums, guitar and vocals. I've refrained from using the cliche "emotional rollercoaster", but it truly is every emotion; from the shouted chorus of Empty Room to the cold, slow and traumatic imagery in Sprawl I (Flatland) - it's nothing short of a novel in music form.

Which of course, is now also the soundtrack to Scenes From The Suburbs, a short film inspired by the album (some scenes of the film are featured in the above video for The Suburbs, see the trailer for Scenes From the Suburbs underneath it too). Unfortunately there's no way of buying the film yet, although if I had gone to South by Southwest this year, I would have seen the screening of it (in no way am I bitter about it at all, whatsoever, it's fine, it's fine, there's always next year I guess...) but I'm keeping my eyes peeled for when it will be available in the good ol' United Kingdom - according to Arcade Fire's YouTube, it will be released in May/June this year. Until then, it's all earphones and imagination.

Visit Arcade Fire's website here.

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