About Me
Hi! My name's Besma, I'm a 20 year-old student by day, and a blogger, tweeter and writer by night. Writing has always been a passion of mine, so alongside my Business and French degree I take the time to run this blog and scribble down more in my never-ending novel.

About Bonjour Mademoiselle
I've been blogging for a long time, but I now feel most at home blogging about little discoveries I make, typically in the worlds of music, film and literature. There's something inside me that zings and buzzes around whenever I stumble upon an amazing, unsung talent and so Bonjour Mademoiselle was born.

The Paris Diary has come about after moving to Paris for my third year of university. If you're a placement student or are looking to move to Paris, feel free to contact me or read through the diary so far - it's probably better to learn from my mistakes than to make your own, and you'll also learn tips and tricks to benefit from around the city!

Professional Experience
If you'd like to know more about my professional journalism and work experience, take a look at my LinkedIn profile or contact me.

T's & C's
I am sent music or pieces to review from time to time, but I will always give an honest review, along with the opportunity for you, the reader, to make up your own mind. I'm simply trying to help deserved little things become big! (If you would like me to review something, please email me)