Monday, 28 January 2013

Illegal Downloads vs Illegal Coffee

I was discussing with someone from work the recent UK tax scandals (essentially, how huge multinational businesses have found a loophole in the financial system to avoid paying tax), and it struck me how ironic the system is.

Think about it. Most people who live in the city alongside me enjoy rushing into their local Starbucks at some time or another. Whether it be that early-morning coffee grab, or a chilled frappuccino with friends in the afternoon, the three cafés that I pass on my daily walk are always brimming with customers.

Perhaps or perhaps not-so-unfortunately, this very same café has become the "face" of the aforementioned tax scandal, alongside the now not-so-trusty Amazon and the social media devil Facebook. So explain to me this:

Why do people prefer to support giant unethical corporations, over the small, hardworking artists and artisans of society?

The Internet is flooded with illegal music and film downloads. I've even seen people idolising musicians on Twitter while the illegal download link on their iTunes screenshot is perfectly visible! This, along with the stealing of others artwork or photography - or simply the art of not linking back - on Tumblr for example, has become a real issue!

I simply find it unfathomable that some people do not appreciate true talent, enjoy spreading that appreciation to others, and put into perspective that while it may cost a musician hundreds of pounds for that one crucial recording studio session, a cup of coffee costs pennies to make - and that money isn't circulating back into our economy. That, my friends, is the true irony of "Fair Trade".


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