Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Matt Corby: Brother

After being sent this beautiful, beautiful single at the Magazine HQ (ahoo-hah, excuse me if I make it sound a little more posh than it is...), I couldn't help featuring it on my personal music blogosphere too. The whole husky roar of his voice really qualifies the emotions in the song! I can't stop playing it. So here it is for all you folk too.
For more on the Australian wonder that is Matt Corby, head to his website:

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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Dear James Acaster

Dear James Acaster,

Your audience tonight at our Student's Union may have not been your kindest, but I have to admit I was shaking with silent laughter the whole way through. Perhaps not the best thing for a stand-up comedian, but you were great.

I would love to shrive with you sometime (and unashamedly eat a socially-unacceptable amount of pancakes instead of crepes). Though Twister is off the menu. As is rock pooling, and asking for your autograph on my neck.


Besma x

Monday, 1 October 2012

Rae Morris: Grow

Like a beautiful, curly-haired cross between Daughter's melancholia and Lucy Rose's cuteness, Rae Morris is a tiny, shy and amazingly talented young singer who deserves everyone's attention (although perhaps not all at once, for reasons I will elaborate). To have been present at her first sell-out gig, and to have run half-a-mile just to see her play one song, I feel like vying to be her number one fan, and yet I also want her to be kept out of the limelight a little longer so that those who discover her music - voice, piano and all - will really feel like they have stumbled upon rare treasure. Good luck, lovely Rae.