Wednesday, 2 January 2013


"Should we really be making resolutions?" Was the first question that I thought about, when I got asked what my resolution is this year. Like a very wise man once told me, you should celebrate every day, grow every day, and not need an excuse such as New Years to make resolutions.

On top of this, my lovely grandma told me hers was "to be more tolerant". The same as last year, and the year before - perhaps indeed one long pathway to reach to enlightenment. Whether it's the right track or not, it got me thinking: my resolution should be a personal promise to myself. No gym sign-ups, or saving for a rainy day financial rubbish, but an aspiration:

To do what truly makes me happy.

However selfish sounds, I've found that it's something that takes a lot more effort than it should; I'm quite an open, happy, optimistic person, but I do sometimes find myself wondering "Why on earth am I doing this?!". Last year I wasted a good few hours of my life in market research groups - for no pay - or bulking up numbers for things I myself didn't want to attend. What with university, two jobs, a magazine and eating/cleaning/sleeping on the agenda, what I should've been doing is pencilling in a few hours to simply relax and do nothing.

Read, write, listen... that's always been the motto, so why not put it into practice?


  1. Hello fellow blogger with French in their blog name! :P I think being happy and following your happiness is still a great thing to do and I wish you the best of luck! :)


  2. THE PERFECT RESOLUTION. Nothing more, nothing less xx