Monday, 25 March 2013

Darwin Deez: You Can't Be My Girl

"I think I love you are horrible."

After Darwin Deez's new album, Songs for Imaginative People, landed in my lap a little while ago, I've been bopping around like a happy little puppet and now I think it's time for you to join me. And where better to start than You Can't Be My Girl. It's easy to see that if all the songs were lined up for a race, this would be the flat-out winner. You Can't Be My Girl is an insanely catchy song that will keep you bopping all through the night to the point where you'll wake up with it on the brain. This, coupled with another comical-genius video from the band shows why you should never take life too seriously, and why you too should get your hands on a copy of the album. You are an Imaginative Person after all, right?

Darwin Deez, in the words of Jack Black in School of Rock, thank you for "sticking it to the man".

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