Sunday, 21 April 2013

La foi dans la mode

Ellie from La foi dans la mode got in touch a little while ago about a Liebster Award - thank you Ellie. Here are my responses from her questions, which you might find interesting too!

1. Favourite piece of clothing?
It's got to be a dress - probably my black and cream ASOS skater dress I got for my birthday, I really love wearing it. Sadly it's now only being stocked in maternity, but if you're preggers, I would heavily recommend it!

2. First blog you ever followed?
Design*Sponge has got to be the first proper blog I followed - without really knowing what a blog was at that point!

3. Your claim to fame?
I once got into a bit of a fight with Theo Paphitis on Twitter over his misuse of the English language. The backlash was something else... in my defence, I didn't know he was dyslexic!

4. Guilty pleasure?
At the moment, it's making apple and cinnamon sugar ice cream - I'm trying to be super healthy as of late so at least there's some fruit in there!

5. Where do you want to be in 10 years?
Running a lovely little business, with a lovely little family.

6. Favourite cock/mocktail?
It's got to be the cherry concoction I had at my SU... it was the first night of their mocktail menu and they didn't quite have the right recipe for it, so I ended up with no fewer than 10 glace cherries at the bottom of my drink! It was like a cherry screwball.

7. How do you spend your days off?
I don't quite have "days" off - not as a dutiful student! - but my favourite thing to do in my freetime is to watch The Great British Sewing Bee and knit. I think knitting is completely underrated!

8. What quote means a lot to you?
"Fortune favours the Brave" means quite a lot to me and I in fact did my own version of the above print from Etsy as a painting on canvas.

9. What did you want your blog to be when you first started it?
When I first started blogging, it was simply a release to write. After a few years I started Bonjour Mademoiselle as a way to publicly share things that make me happy, and it's not really changed since then!

10. When it comes to interior design, vintage or modern?
Vintage! I currently rent quite a modern flat which I kitted out with modern furniture to fit, but when it came to accessorising, I just wanted old wooden picture frames and maps! I've got so many accessories stored away for when I do move into my dream property and live there forever.

11. And lastly, what do you prefer, the natural look or all and everything?
Natural - I'm twenty and have only just bought my first ever lipstick, in a seriously nude shade, but I still feel a little conscious wearing it! As long as I've got some foundation and eyeliner, I'm happy.


  1. Thank you so much for doing my questions! you are a star! xx

  2. wow! such a great illustration! :)
    Going to check Ellie! :)
    by the way - love your blog! such a great place! :)