Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Cheap as Chips

It's getting closer to summertime (finally), and my Relay for Life run, so on both counts I'm trying to get fit. Not in a crazy-gym-extravaganza kinda way, but more in the tone-up-that-tum way. I think most girls and guys will find at some point, their tummy overhangs their jeans just a teeny tiny bit - I'm at that stage now. Easter chocolate definitely did not help.

So I'm trying to tone up in two ways, the first of which is by eating healthier. My aims are to eat five pieces of fruit and veg everyday, cut back on snacks (mainly the sneaky crisps and chocolate) and drink a lot of water.

Right now, I'm at the point where a glass of water is like my phone; I feel lost without one. But the water goal is easy; water's free. Even in my uni, there are drinking water taps (if you know where to find them, and keep a bottle handy!). The bit I'm struggling with financially is the eating element.

Fruit and veg is so expensive! £2 for 4 apples is not good value, Tesco! It takes me long enough to work out how much an individual apple costs because of the bizarre mixture of "by weight"/"by apple" pricing, let alone earn the money to afford them. Why would anyone go to such lengths to buy an apple anyway? Especially when you can ditch the whole apple idea and buy 12 packets of crisps is £2.50 - whereas 12 apples would cost you over £5?

In circumstances such as these, I get crazily fed up with supermarkets. Give us back our greengrocers and independents! "Every little helps" is not applicable when junk food is as cheap as chips (a pun that beautifully illustrates my point). I hope the good people at the Bank of Students know why we're all into our overdrafts... we're trying to be healthy!

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