Thursday, 17 February 2011

never let me go

Another cinema trip this week to see Never Let Me Go, a film I have been looking forward to for literally months, mainly due to the sepia-tint and Carey Mulligan (of whom I have been a fan since she appeared on Doctor Who... a show I no longer watch since the farewell to David Tennant, I must admit).

It wasn't exactly the cutesy film I had in mind, yet with such a deep storyline it truly was something better, if not a lot darker.

Which in many ways I respect more.

If I'm honest, I have never felt a stronger urge to cry at a film (I did so, and walked out unashamedly with my tear-stained cheeks). Apparently it has been criticised for not sustaining an emotional link between the audience and the characters, but for me I felt this was almost deliberate, as the children seem shy, innocent creatures with no real sense of the world and their emotions. Especially once their pre-chosen future is revealed to them; at first, the way they do not seem to grasp the gravity of their destinies, but then the way the grow with it and let the viewers watch it destroy them.

Tragically beautiful. A book I must read this summer, even with its haunting storyline.


  1. Would Have to say that generally I like the deeper story of most films, but I think sometimes we read TOO much into films :)... in all seriousness though it sounds good :)

  2. It was good! So much more than just the cute film I was expecting. You should have a watch, might be up your street on the ethics and philosophy side of it... x