Saturday, 26 February 2011

laura marling: alas i cannot swim

Okay, so please forgive me for only just popping this beauty of an album on my blog; it's not like I've only just discovered Miss Marling, I just haven't gone back through the archives from before I was blogging. (I have a feeling this will be a common thing, since there are so many artists and albums from the past that I cannot hush up about).

It's been an odd week, so visiting this album helped to restore a bit of my old self, especially Tap At My Window and Your Only Doll. It's a happier, more youthful album than I Speak Because I Can (although another beauty) and has been helping me get through the bundles of coursework I've been doing over the last few days.

So I give my full, if not belated, thanks to Laura Marling, and if I wish hard enough and keep a beady eye out, hopefully I'll get to see her this year. That'd be lovely.

Visit Laura Marling's website here.

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