Monday, 18 October 2010

david bowick: how to disappear completely

This book pretty much defined the start of my summer. Along with the few novels I spent laying out in the garden reading, this was constantly on my iPhone. Although I truly am against eBooks, the Kindle, whatever (I'm sorry but a paperback book will always be worth more, the feel and the smell and the actual words on paper), I thought I'd have a try.

I found How To Disappear... for free on feedbooks.
From the first line I was hooked.

The heartache, feelings of awkwardness, the odd happenings - and yet, not too odd, the things that could and do happen to us - all summed into one beautiful, if not slightly addictive, little eBook.

I want to own this on paper, so much so that after finding out it was never published and bound with the cute cover above, I downloaded the pdf and am planning to print it myself. Because I own all the books that have changed me in one way or another.

Download How To Disappear Completely here for free.

*Thank you to David Bowick for leaving the comment below about buying the published version of his book on, a self-publishing site (that may come in handy the day I finish writing my book).

Buy the paperback here // Visit his website here.


  1. Thank you so much for the kind words. I just wanted to let you know that there are paperbacks that you could get, actually. You can get one at or through me for a little cheaper, though I'm quickly running out. I'll even sign one for you if you'd like. Email me through my website for details.

  2. oh.. that looks really good. Heard so much about this book, but never tried to read it myself. Well, probably will be getting it very soon! :)
    thanks for this review. reminded me of this piece..
    and yeah, I do agree, that paper books are just such a different thing comparing with ebooks and stuff like that. There's nothing like a paper book. Never really read ebook, or even wanted to get a kindle.
    Anyway! Thanks again! :)