Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Paris Diary: La guerre 'fait maison'

Everyone around the world knows that La France is the country of food - and not just for food producers, but of beautiful recipes and astonishing chefs. France is second only to Japan for Michelin star restaurants, so it comes with no surprise that any threat to its food industry is a matter of grave importance.

I am of course referring to possibly the best projet de loi that has come out in a while from the French Government - its attempt to curb fraudulent "fait maison" (homemade) meals in restaurants in France. I think we've all experienced it at some place or another where we've ordered a pretty pricey, intriguing sounding meal only to be rewarded with a stale microwaved meal. Thankfully, the French have had enough, and are now well on their way to passing a law against any such act on meals labelled "fait maison".

I for one am all for this. Food fraudsters everywhere better beware! A microwave is no way of cooking food in France, let alone selling it. I'll let you know when this comes into practice!

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