Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Nathaniel Rateliff: Laughing

A real diamond among the pack, Nathaniel Rateliff has been stealing the hearts of everyone, everywhere with his album In Memory Of Loss; from the mournful, delicate tracks to the upbeat, getting-on-with-life mood, tinted by the memory of his brother, it's a masterpiece of music.

So it comes as a wide-eyed surprise to find another track sitting pretty at the top of his website, and yet it's really just another wondrous gift from the gentleman who makes music for music, not fame. I doubt my words can do much justice, so all I'm going to say is that "Laughing" is a truly happy, rolling-summer track. Listen to it, drink up its goodness.

To get the second track from The Free Download Series, simply click along to the website, and follow the instructions under his banner. Thank you, Mister Rateliff.

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