Sunday, 7 August 2011

sparkadia: mary

If love is blind then I don't know what I'll find in you...

Well, let's talk more about what's in frontman Alex Burnett's enchanting voice shall we, rather than the not-so-appealing gothic eyeshadow and deathly black hair dye. Not that I have anything against self-expression, I just think it's a style that's been done so many times before... and could pigeonhole Sparkadia for those who watch the video first. Because it was a blind experience for me the first time I heard this song and I loved it perhaps a little bit more than I do after seeing the video. But all the same, it's a song I'd like to share. This guy plays on my guilty pleasures of Miike Snow and Cold War Kids, but I do sense a likeness to Boy & Bear's more folky, stripped back sounds. We'll see how the pendulum swings... (I mean, even now I can see myself finding the repeated "Mare-ray!" getting on my nerves). I think I've just talked myself out of liking this song. If the awful acting and try-hard video didn't do that for me already.

P.S. Well, if you like it, I'd advise you visit Sparkadia's website here; you can download a remix of Mary for free.

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