Wednesday, 13 April 2011

nick hornby: about a boy

The latest read accompanying me and my picnic blanket out in the garden is Nick Hornby's About A Boy (that is if the sun does come back anytime soon...).

It's one of those books that reassures you that you're a relatively normal human being, compared to Will and Marcus and Fiona. If anything, it's made me love my family more for every little thing we do for each other. And the beautiful speech by Rachel about having something to live for, even without a family, job or true friends except that odd twelve-year-old boy who insists on coming over to your flat gives a little bit of hope as I'm prepping for my A-Level finals. I might fail, but I will never be living off the income of a cheesy Christmas hit (phew).

Considering I was born a year after the book was set, it's always nice to learn that there were some fashion- and music-conscious people in the nineties (I think the weakest decade out of all my music is the nineties... personally, all I can remember was the yo-yo craze and Pokemon cards, so that could be why). Even if it was Adidas and Kurt Cobain.

Another one of those books that I judged by its cover before buying, I have to admit, although I did have an inkling of who Nick Horby was. Perhaps not a life-changing book (just yet, having read three-quarters of it), but another one to add to the collection of any-day reads.

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